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Approaching Someone You’ve Taken a Liking For



Do you feel butterflies in your stomach when the person you admire or keep fantasizing about suddenly turns up and keeps staring at you but doesn’t approach you? You too can’t gather the confidence to go up to him or her and break the ice, and before you know, your object of desire merges into the crowd or simply goes out of sight.

Though everybody has his or her own way or ways of opening up with a person of the opposite sex, one aspect has to be taken for granted. And that is, an approach has to be made either by you or by the person you’ve a crush on in order to start a meaningful relationship.

  1. Gather the courage to speak up even once

Relationships with the opposite sex are platonic only in textbooks and literary tomes. In real life, both the sexes eagerly look forward to becoming intimate (physically of course). For men, the sooner it happens, the better. So, don’t be under the impression that the person you secretly dream about is going to wait for you a lifetime. In other words, summon all your courage and get ready to make a move if you don’t want to miss the bus.

  1. Talk more often to make things easier

Once the ice has been broken, you should not let go of the opportunity to get closer to the individual and foster a lasting relationship. Have little conversations and more often if possible to nurture attraction, and to figure out whether you two will be able to get along with each other in the long run.

  1. Socialize as much as you can

Though mentioning it may sound obvious, but it is the gregarious types that tend to be more confident in making an approach. If you’re serious about walking up to your crush or heartthrob but don’t seem to find the poise, then social networking (offline) will go a long way to make you feel comfortable while approaching.

  1. Take rejections in your stride

You should hardwire the following piece of advice-you’ll surely not be the first individual on this earth who has been rejected and you certainly will not be the last. Take rejections in your stride and move on in life.



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