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September 15, 2016
by admin

Reasons that show the revolutionary effect of social networks in the present generation

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Internet has always focused on social interactions and building connections since its inception. But with launch of social networks like Facebook and Twitter there has been a revolutionary effect on the world of internet. Though these platforms have been really useful but there’s always a dark side to every forum as well. It needs to be handled properly and the users must take care that they don’t share harmful content. Following are some points that show the revolutionary effect of social media:

Staying organized

You get a platform where you can create private groups and plan out group outing. It makes it really simple to plan an event where you can invite huge amount of users. This notification is sent to huge amount of people around the world and you check who is interested in an event. This makes it really simple to organize various events at a particular spot. Even if you’re in search for a good moving service then you can go through the Facebook pages and there are huge number of results that can help you. Just search for some cheap movers in your area and you get a long list of service providers.

Finding likeminded people

Social networks have been all about building good connections. You can easily make friends from different parts of the globe and chat with them. You need to act responsibly and make sure that you don’t affect unknown people. Once you add a person you can start chatting through chat options and you can even enter into video chats. It is quite easy and you can share your views on a particular topic.

Ease of access

This is one of the biggest advantages of social media as you can access it even while travelling. You just need your smartphone and an internet connection. If you have the data roaming “on” in your smartphone you can share all the details of your journey through your smartphone and keep interacting with your close ones. When you’re on social networks then you’re never far from friends and family.

September 9, 2016
by admin

How Safe is dating on the Internet?

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Talking about dating online, ‘what you see is not what you get’ is an adage that’s perfectly relevant. Or to put it more precisely, ‘what you get is not what you see’. The Internet is the perfect utopian or virtual world where the most corrupted and perverted of personalities take cover parading themselves as the holiest of souls. It is women more than men who need to be wary about meeting someone they’ve befriended on an online dating website since the opposite sex have always been more vulnerable compared to their male counterparts.

Striking up a rapport with a complete stranger is easier on the net than in the real world, and unfortunately more often than not it is young, single or divorced women who give in to the bewitching charms of cybercriminals and cyberpunks. Of course, nursing a prejudice that every man looking to date a woman is a serial stalker or imposter is exaggerated wishful thinking but that is not to imply that you should drop your guard at the drop of a hat. Keep the following safety tips in mind before you decide on a rendezvous with a perfect stranger.

  1. Never reveal who you are

There are far too many women who’re gullible enough to reveal everything about selves with a little persuasion. This may sound obvious but never, ever post your real name, contact numbers and location address on the site or disclose your identity the first time you meet.

  1. Register with an approved or certified dating portal

Crosscheck whether the dating site you wish to sign up with is registered with ODA (online dating association).

  1. Drive yourself and meet in public

Driving your own car gives you good leverage when you need to curtail your meeting and get away from the scene as quickly as possible.

  1. Do your own research

Your online dating site to run a background check of users is obviously limited. Hence to be on the safe side, you should conduct your own Google search.

  1. Keep a friend or family member in the loop

Inform a friend or a member of your family that you’re about to meet someone and have him or her give you a ring during the appointment.



September 9, 2016
by admin

Approaching Someone You’ve Taken a Liking For


Do you feel butterflies in your stomach when the person you admire or keep fantasizing about suddenly turns up and keeps staring at you but doesn’t approach you? You too can’t gather the confidence to go up to him or her and break the ice, and before you know, your object of desire merges into the crowd or simply goes out of sight.

Though everybody has his or her own way or ways of opening up with a person of the opposite sex, one aspect has to be taken for granted. And that is, an approach has to be made either by you or by the person you’ve a crush on in order to start a meaningful relationship.

  1. Gather the courage to speak up even once

Relationships with the opposite sex are platonic only in textbooks and literary tomes. In real life, both the sexes eagerly look forward to becoming intimate (physically of course). For men, the sooner it happens, the better. So, don’t be under the impression that the person you secretly dream about is going to wait for you a lifetime. In other words, summon all your courage and get ready to make a move if you don’t want to miss the bus.

  1. Talk more often to make things easier

Once the ice has been broken, you should not let go of the opportunity to get closer to the individual and foster a lasting relationship. Have little conversations and more often if possible to nurture attraction, and to figure out whether you two will be able to get along with each other in the long run.

  1. Socialize as much as you can

Though mentioning it may sound obvious, but it is the gregarious types that tend to be more confident in making an approach. If you’re serious about walking up to your crush or heartthrob but don’t seem to find the poise, then social networking (offline) will go a long way to make you feel comfortable while approaching.

  1. Take rejections in your stride

You should hardwire the following piece of advice-you’ll surely not be the first individual on this earth who has been rejected and you certainly will not be the last. Take rejections in your stride and move on in life.



September 9, 2016
by admin

Effectively Planning a Party or Get-Together

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The stress of working strenuously throughout the week can tire you out both mentally and physically. Surely, you wouldn’t want to spoil your weekend simply by idling inside the house killing time and cursing yourself about the upcoming workweek. You can always plan a get-together occasionally of your longstanding buddies as having them together in one spot can be incredibly exciting and uplifting.

However, there’s a lot of planning to be done before you can invite your pals over to your place. Follow the below mentioned tips for making the assembly as nostalgic as possible and stay relaxed while planning the party as nobody expects you to be a perfect host or hostess. The fact that you and your friends just want to have a whale of a time is what matters the most.

Fix a date and the time of the day when you’d want to plan the congregation. Make sure that everybody on the invitee list will be free to attend. Since the party will be held during the weekend, it is most appropriate to plan for an assembly in the late evening. If you’re arranging this get-together with your closest friends after a long hiatus, then you can opt for a thematic party to make the meeting memorable.

However, remember to keep the theme plain and simple so that your guests can make the necessary arrangements within a limited time span. If you’re thinking of inviting only your most intimate mates, then ensure that everybody’s likes and dislikes are taken into account. Having a budget in place well in advance is perhaps the most vital variable that can make or break the party. Surely, you’d like your friends to chip in, if you’re taking care of everything all by yourself. Don’t be shy or feel embarrassed to request your cronies to bring disposable cutleries, plates, napkins, drinks, and other party essentials. Let the invitees be informed (at least 1-2 weeks ahead) of your party plans!